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Collezione Pompei
The Forum

The archaeological site of the Pompeii excavations, not far from the Gulf of Naples, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Pompeii, once a thriving Roman city, was covered by about six meters of ash and pumice during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.

The Forum was the pulsating heart of ancient Pompeii, the Agora where political debates took place, and the center of religious and commercial activities. The rectangular-shaped square, which was 143 meters long, was rich in artisanal shops with the Temple of Apollo at its center. The double-columned tufa portico was replaced in the imperial age with columns made of white limestone.

The Forum of Pompeii is practically the place that gives the most incredible visual impact on the ancient city of Pompeii. In fact, here one can admire the large square with the honorary arches, the buildings of public administration, the basilica, the macellum, the Mensa Ponderaria, the temples of Apollo and Jupiter, and much more. The main civil, religious, and commercial functions were held in the Forum, and as in other cities of the Roman Empire, access was reserved only for pedestrians, and therefore access to carts was prohibited. It was a pedestrian zone before its time. In fact, there were many religious, political, and economic buildings around it that were heavily frequented, and it would have been dangerous to let carts pass. In the center of the west side, there is a tribune for orators used for public speeches.

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