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Collezione Napoli
Piazza di Plebiscito

They say: “See Naples and then die,” meaning you cannot miss visiting Naples in your lifetime. The city of the world’s most famous song “O Sole Mio,” with the Gulf of Naples in the background and the sea reflecting the great panoramic villas of the 17th and 18th centuries perched on Posillipo, its castles on the sea and hills, and the many monumental places and works of art to visit, is a welcoming, cheerful city and the birthplace of famous foods like pizza and babà. It is a unique city that stays in the heart.

Piazza del Plebiscito is located in the heart of the historic center, at the end of Via Toledo. It is the largest square in the city and one of the biggest in Italy, featuring an iconic colonnade, the Prefecture Palace, Salerno Palace, the Royal Palace, and the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola.

Legend has it that Queen Margherita would grant clemency to prisoners of the Kingdom if they managed to walk blindfolded about 170 meters in a straight line across the square, starting from the door of the Royal Palace, which is located exactly in the center, and passing between the two equestrian statues of the colonnade: those of Carlo III of Bourbon and Ferdinando I. Due to a curse placed by the sovereign herself, no one succeeded. Today, tourists and citizens repeat the ritual as a game to try to break the curse, but it seems impossible to achieve due to a slight slope in the surface that prevents those who decide to cross it from going straight.

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