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The Wailing Wall,

The Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, is the only tangible remains of the temple built by King Solomon and later reconstructed by Herod the Great. It is considered the holiest place to pray and seek a more intimate connection with God. Many visitors approach the wall to touch it, pray, leave written messages on small pieces of paper, or insert prayers into the crevices of the stones.

When observing the Western Wall, one’s eye is captivated by its grandeur and the beauty of the stones that comprise it. These centuries-old stones tell stories of devotion and prayer that date back thousands of years.

In addition to its religious significance, the Western Wall also represents a meeting point for different cultures and religions. It is a place where people of various faiths and nationalities come together, bearing witness to the richness of diversity and the potential for promoting dialogue and mutual understanding.

The Western Wall stretches for approximately 488 meters and stands at a height of around 18 meters. However, much of it is buried underground as the surrounding ground level has risen over the centuries. It is made up of massive limestone stones. Some of these stones weigh over 500 tons and are believed to have been cut and lifted using sophisticated engineering techniques.

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